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How We Operate

Some people can be fooled by fancy brand names and trendy "solutions". Many of our competitors spend so much time trying to sell you a manufacturer's product that it may give you pause – and rightly so. At Real Dry, we use only the best, most reliable, most thoroughly-tested methods to solve your basement water problem. We're experts at dealing with water and its negative effects. It's practically in our blood. Some of our customers even say we have water in our veins . . . because we've spent so many years removing it from people's homes!

We’ve provided individualized waterproofing, foundation repair, drainage, crawl space, sump pump, and backup system solutions throughout New England, including Massachusetts, western Mass., Boston, the South Shore, Cape Cod, northern Connecticut & Rhode Island, and southern New Hampshire for more than 40 years and counting.

Product Recommendations

You may be asking: At Real Dry, do you ever recommend certain manufacturer's products over any others? Well, of course we do. Be sure to check out our page on sump pumps for what we at Real Dry think are some of the best pumps in the industry – Liberty pumps. Or take a look at our information page on backup systems to see the excellent products we recommend from companies like NexPump and PitBoss from Richtech.
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Yes, we're thrilled with the products we recommend – because they're from companies that are the most reliable and dependable in the industry. But unlike some of our competitors, we realize something else that's equally important: Every problem is different, and every job is unique. Your home is like you – one-of-a-kind. And that's how we approach the problem-solving that we do for you: One-of-a-kind. Unique. Particular to you.
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Our Customers Come First

So, will we ever recommend a certain product or manufacturer's solution for your problem? Maybe. But only if it's appropriate for you. We don't stock a lot of pre-purchased vendor products in our warehouse, so we aren't beholden to any particular company or industry supplier. We're only answerable to you – our customer. After all, we're a family company, grounded in New England tradition. Local craftsmen with more than 40 years of experience – and a reputation that's very important to us. We've never gone away. We've never gone out of business. And our techniques are time-tested and customer-approved.

Don't put off finding the right solution for your needs. Call us toll-free today at 1.855.DRY.TODAY (855.379.8632). Or you can reach us locally at (413) 297-9126 in western Massachusetts or (781) 499-8212 in the eastern part of the state. We have more than FOUR decades of experience serving MA, CT, RI, and NH.

We DON’T use subcontractors. We DON’T use salesmen. And we DON’T use third-party agents or "system design specialists from one of our dealerships" to speak on our behalf. We deal with customers directly. In person. Firsthand. We're a Real Company filled with Real People. And since . . .

"We Live Where We Work"
. . . it's the only way we know how to do business.

Serving Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island & southern New Hampshire

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