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Reviews & Comments From Our Customers

At Real Dry we place the utmost importance on always doing the best job we can. Our reputation means the world to us, and we always make every effort possible to provide the most effective solution to your water problems while striving for a 100% rate of customer satisfaction. One of our mottos: A dry customer is a happy customer!

What better way to convey the lengths to which we'll go in order to solve every one-of-a-kind water problem that comes our way than by sharing the comments of our customers. Below, in their own words, are the assessments and reviews of a cross-section of our current and former clients – and not just meaningless initials attached to phantom individuals living in random towns, but actual people who came to us with genuine water, drainage, mold, and humidity problems to solve.

We let our work speak for itself.

And we think these reviews speak for themselves too.
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Testimonial Bullet Art
“Need to give a huge thank you to Steve Wall and his crew. It is not often that a company today does exactly what they say they will and actually more.

“A friend recommended
Steve, I called at noon – and he was at my home at 3 pm. He looked at my water issue; told me exactly what he was going to do and he gave an excellent price. We were told he was booked 3 weeks out – we wanted this company we were happy to wait. A week later things got worse, I reached out and we were put immediately on the schedule.

Steve showed up on the scheduled day, on time, and got it done. I came home 4 hours later – water gone! We have been dry since.

“Unless you experience water, you have no idea what dry means! They worked under crappy circumstances: No bulkhead, and having to go through my front door. When they left everything was exactly as they found it.

“I highly recommend this company. I feel confident I will never have an issue again with water. Thank you so much!”

Judy Munro
South Hadley, MA

Testimonial Bullet Art
“This fall, 2021, after heavy rains from remnants of hurricanes that had passed through the area, I found nearly 6 inches of water in my normally dry basement. I immediately called numerous companies who advertise basement water remediation, just about everyone my online search could find. Only Real Dry Waterproofing quickly returned my call. 

“Within 48 hours,
Steve Wall came to my house and surveyed the issue first-hand. He was in a position, as I was frantic at the time, that he could have told me that I needed to do extensive, and expensive, work to fix the issue, but he did not. Rather, he suggested that I try a less expensive and less invasive remediation option. At that moment he earned my trust.

Steve and his team were working on my problem within 3 weeks of my signing an agreement with him. I should note that one of his competitors, when they finally returned my call, told me that it would take them 3 months before they could even visit my house to quote the job. Steve and his team did the job very professionally and quickly. And they thoroughly cleaned up when the job was complete.

“I highly recommend
Real Dry Waterproofing for anyone who needs a sump pump or other wet basement remediation work.”

John Dineen
Longmeadow, MA

Testimonial Bullet Art
“I have a basement that I recently finished off. Last year I had a water coming in and soaking the rugs, from around my hatchway, I believed. I had the hatchway raised up sealed up and put a new patio in the backyard that was draining the water away. I figured that was it. But I was wrong, I had some more water after it got finished. Same as it was before the new patio was put in.

“I called up
Real Dry Waterproofing company to take a look. Steve and his assistant came out and looked at it and said it looks as though there's a drip coming from one of your gutters that might be causing the problem. He said take your hose, run it same area as where the gutter was dripping, and see what happens. I did this and I ran it for over an hour and a half and it leaked exactly where I thought it was going to.

“The reason I'm saying this is to say how valuable
Steve's advice was and that he could have talked me into a really expensive job. He is a straightforward man and works for a great company. I recommend them highly.”

Dan Fritz
East Longmeadow, MA

Testimonial Bullet Art
“Forty years ago, we had installed french drains in the basement of our raised ranch which sits on ledge – but all the rain and hurricanes this year overwhelmed the system. Steve responded quickly and knowledgeably, replacing a malfunctioning sump pump and extending the drain for additional capacity. He is clearly a subject matter expert and also fair, responsive, and professional. I'd recommend him to others without reservation.”

Donna Lee Ubertalli
Holyoke, MA

Testimonial Bullet Art
“I was dealing with water issues in my basement from the recent heavy rains of this summer and the early summers from recent years. I finally was tired of the ongoing damage and self cleaning.

“Although I received multiple estimates, it was the obvious honesty that made the decision to use
Real Dry Waterproofing easy. Steve explained similar extensive work possibilities, but took the time to truly analyze what could be best for my problem and the integrity of my home. Not only was the repair process fully explained, they explained unexpected hurdles that arose so that I was aware of the professional decisions being made to fully fix the problem.

“In the end, the work was clean, thorough, and exactly what was explained. They immediately followed up to ensure the system was working and that all repairs were as they should be. I even received a personal visit to check on the system due to heavier rains that were ‘flooding’ the area – I never gave the weather or my basement a thought as the system had already been working perfectly.

“Based on the whole experience, I am confident that their work has solved my problem for years to come, and absolutely would recommend them to any friends or family.”

Michael Matyszewski
South Hadley, MA

Testimonial Bullet Art
Real Dry Waterproofing did a phenomenal job in my basement.

“Two previous homeowners cut corners and just put in sump pumps without drains around the foundation so the job had never been done right. Visually we knew there were things in the way and the guys found even more things as they went. They dealt with a leaking pipe from a shut-off valve that wouldn’t shut off, a gas line, and more.

“They got the job done on time despite the challenges and the results are great. Now instead of leaking when we get heavy rains everything is dry and the water goes outside where it belongs instead of into the basement sink in violation of housing codes. I’m grateful to have the job done RIGHT.

“Thanks again!”

Evin Ziemer
Easthampton, MA

Testimonial Bullet Art
“We can't thank you enough. I sent an email on your site on a Sunday afternoon about needing a new sump pump system. Within 20 minutes I received a call from Steve who set up a time to come over on Tuesday. He looked over our situation, designed a system, gave us a quote and said he would call next week. Steve and his team came the next week and did an amazing job. Very professional and explained everything. I would recommend them to anyone. So happy with our new system.”

Mary Ann Phelon
Hadley, MA

Testimonial Bullet Art
“We were extremely pleased with the work that Steve and his crew did this past week. They were very detailed, efficient and professional. We highly recommend them!”

Matt Travis
South Hadley, MA

Testimonial Bullet Art
“I called Steve for an opinion/estimate on Friday, July 2nd for standing water in one of my condo complex's basements. Steve came out on Saturday, we discussed options and plans and he quoted me a price. The Board gave him the go-ahead that day and Steve and his crew did the work on Wednesday, July 7th so that it could be done before the new owners moved in! 

Steve is so knowledgeable and professional; his crew courteous and on task. I can't thank Real Dry enough for making quick work of a long-irritating problem. His kindness and understanding of the homeowner's situation really spoke volumes, and the work was completed efficiently exactly as planned. I would not hesitate to hire Real Dry again for our basement needs, and thank you so much for working with us on this project!”

Alyce Abdow
President, Board of Trustees
Pinecrest Condominium Association
Chicopee, MA

Testimonial Bullet Art
“I don't normally do these, but after meeting your company representative, I felt compelled to do so. I've talked to several waterproofing contractors in the past 6 months, and Steve Wall has been by far the most impressive! His professionalism and honesty were greatly appreciated. I can tell you that he's more about getting to the bottom of the issue, than he is with his bottom line! And as a customer, I really appreciate that. Thanks.”

William Zachery
Springfield, MA

Testimonial Bullet Art
“I would highly recommend Real Dry Waterproofing. In less than a week from my initial call I had my system installed. The team was efficient, conscientious, and obviously highly skilled at installing these systems. Stephen took the time to provide education on my system. What I feared would be a stressful project became a smooth operation.”

Amy Vredenburg
Belchertown, MA

Testimonial Bullet Art
“I had a sump pump and flooding basement emergency. My attempts at calling other sump pump technicians just went to voicemail. Steve actually picked up, acknowledged my emergency, and was at my home within the hour. He gave us a fair and thorough analysis of our situation and fixed it permanently. I am very grateful to Steve and his team!”

Mark Zacek
Amherst, MA

Testimonial Bullet Art
“We have used Steve Wall for two different jobs and would highly recommend Steve and the Real Dry team to anyone with water problems – in fact two of our neighbors also used Real Dry after our recommendation.

“In addition to doing quality work,
Steve is very responsive and provides a detailed description of the work to be done in advance, ensuring that the customer is not surprised!

“After the work was done and a couple of rainy days passed,
Steve checked in to see if we had any issues. You don’t see that kind of service often!

“Highly recommended.”

Tom & Missy Crowley
Springfield, MA

Testimonial Bullet Art
"The people from Real Dry Waterproofing fixed the water problem in our cellar, and it has worked for several years. They were friendly, efficient and did a great job cleaning up. I would recommend them for any water prevention problems."

Dorothy Milne
South Deerfield, MA

Testimonial Bullet Art
“We live in a 140-year old house on a hill with an underground stream running down our side of it. Our unfinished basement was chronically wet. When we decided it was time to improve the situation, we called a number of different contractors. We were immediately impressed with Steve Wall, who called us back right away, was sincerely interested in our problem, explained exactly what he would do to fix it, and gave us a very reasonable estimate. He and his crew installed a second sump pump and a drain efficiently and neatly and things were much improved. Then last month our older sump pump started pumping water back INTO the basement, and we woke up to a two-inch flood. Of course we called Steve right away. We called on a weekend; he came out the next day to take a look. Within the next few days, Steve and his crew had removed the water, installed a new sump and extended the drain, gotten rid of moldy wood and drywall, and vastly improved the plumbing arrangement. Remember, this was a 140-year old house. All this at a very reasonable price. AND he followed up a number of times by phone to make sure there was no water in the basement.

Steve and his whole crew were most responsive, pleasant, and considerate. When you have large men in boots clumping in and out of your kitchen to get to your basement, it helps immeasurably if they're really nice!”

Anne Rosen
Florence, MA

Testimonial Bullet Art
"We had been getting water seepage in our basement due to ground water issues. We had several companies come and provide estimates for a perimeter drainage system in our basement. Steve provided a detailed estimate and was very helpful and honest with us in considering ALL of our options, even comparing solutions from other companies without relying on hard-sell tactics. After deciding to use Real Dry, we were pleased with how prompt and professional the crew was. Steve was onsite both days to oversee the installation. The work itself was of high quality and workmanship. Furthermore, the team thoroughly cleaned up all debris after the job was complete. We are very pleased with the finished product as well as the fact that there were no surprises or hidden costs. It has been a year and our basement is still dry. I highly recommend this company and would definitely hire them again."

Karen Howard
Hadley, MA

Testimonial Bullet Art
“My wife and I purchased our first home last year but only recently began to have water issues in the basement. The ground water was seeping in through cracks in the foundation and filling the floor with pools of water. Having a young daughter, we knew we couldn't devote hours to vacuuming up water every time it rained -- and for days after, as more water gradually seeped in. So we approached Real Dry Waterproofing to see what our options were.

Steve visited our home and gave us his opinion on what solution would work best for the space. He was open and honest, and explained the whole process. We asked him to do the job, and it was scheduled and completed very quickly. He even stopped by on the weekend to check out the space and ensure it was ready to go for the installation the following Monday. It was less than a week from our initial outreach to the completion of the job. He and his crew installed the French drains and sump pump over the course of two days, and it started working right away to remove groundwater from below the foundation. 

Steve was great to work with, and was very accommodating of some last-minute changes to the plan that we had proposed. He and his crew left the basement looking great and, most importantly, dry! We would recommend Real Dry Waterproofing to anyone having water issues in their basement.”

Chris & Nicole Shea
South Hadley, MA

Testimonial Bullet Art
“I am so glad to have chosen Real Dry Waterproofing for my basement. They were friendly and professional, even coming to my house on a Saturday to assess the situation. They evaluated what was needed and did not offer to do anything that was not needed. The work was done in a timely manner and was affordable. I am recommending this company to everyone I know!“

Jennifer Welborn
Amherst, MA

Testimonial Bullet Art
"Professional, prompt, friendly, courteous, neat, hard working – all describe Steve Wall. I am very satisfied with the service Steve has provided since he installed pumps in the basement of my home in August, 2005. His recent visit on my request on February 2nd, 2013, provided two new switches for two pumps. Steve filled me in on the latest technology regarding noisy pumping and battery backup in case of power outage. I am seriously considering the latter because of recent storms and possibility of power outage. I will be contacting him on my final decision."

Dorothy Kleis
Westfield, MA

Testimonial Bullet Art
"Steve and his crew were great. They were fast, clean, and efficient. They also didn't try to sell me on a bunch of stuff I didn't need. I was really impressed with the unique and creative solution that Steve came up with to address my particular basement-water issue. Thanks guys! Keep up the great work!"

Chris Pelletier
Chicopee, MA

Testimonial Bullet Art
“Having run businesses involved in wall / roof waterproofing for large corporations, I appreciated Real Dry Waterproofing’s expertise in dealing with water-table / basement challenges. Real Dry worked with me to develop a multi-phase program to address basement water intrusion. They executed Phase I efficiently and professionally within a few hours. For sure, they are my go-to Team for any further work.”

Chris Harris
South Deerfield, MA

Testimonial Bullet Art
“After having flooding in our basement for months we looked for a waterproofing company, and called Real Dry Waterproofing. Steve Wall came to our house and assessed the situation and was very clear about what was needed to fix our problem. He answered all of our questions, and was very polite. When the workmen came, they were extremely hardworking, and by the end of the first day we had no more water leaking into our basement – which was something Steve had told us on our consultation. After they finished the job, where they were quick, diligent, competent, and sure, they cleaned everything up, and left. The difference was, there was no longer any water, and they even offered to carry some of the heavier objects that were water-logged out of the basement for us, which was genuinely kind of them.

“In addition,
Steve called us a few days after the work was completed to make sure that everything was fine, and that there was no evidence of water in the basement. He wanted us to know that their work is guaranteed; if anything goes wrong, they are available to come out and fix the problem”

Phil & Donna Petitt
Amherst, MA

Testimonial Bullet Art
"We have lived with a sump pump in our home for over 30 years. The pump was efficient at keeping our basement dry most of the time but during heavy rains we would get seepage and puddles in several areas. In addition, our basement was always damp and musty smelling.

"A friend of ours had used
Real Dry to correct their 'dry basement system' installed by another company and spoke very highly of the people from Real Dry and the work done for them.

"In September of 2011 we contacted
Real Dry for an estimate for correcting our wet basement problem. Steve Wall came to our home and told us what they would do along with an estimate of the cost of the project. He took the time to explain in detail what the project would entail and answered all of our questions.

Real Dry installed the system in our basement in October of 2011. It took a day and a half to complete and the cost was on target with the estimate that had been given to us by Steve. Upon completion of the job, the crew did an excellent job cleaning up the basement.

Real Dry had to come out twice to "tweak" their system to deal with issues that were particular with our basement and drainage issues. They came out to make the necessary adjustments immediately and we have not had any issues since. Our basement has now been completely dry for over a year and the damp, musty smell is gone. About four months following the installation, I received a phone call from Steve Wall. He called to check if the system was working to our satisfaction. When was the last time you heard of any company doing that?

"Our total experience with
Real Dry Waterproofing has been nothing but positive from beginning to end. If you have a wet or damp basement like we did, I would recommend that you consider contacting Real Dry Waterproofing."

Dennis Bunten
Ludlow, MA

Testimonial Bullet Art
"My name is Janet, and 'the real dry guys' at Real Dry Basement fixed my chronic basement water problem in my home in Amherst. A friend gave me Steve's name and number with a strong recommendation for quality work at a competitive price. I called three companies, who all came out and gave me estimates. One of the estimates involved tearing up my entire yard and had a ridiculous price tag attached. Steve's quote was competitive and the work was all inside – new drain and sump pump. I hired Real Dry Basement to do the job. They were done in 2 days – very professional, and the basement has been bone-dry since. That was almost 3 years ago. I have since hired them to do gutter work, and I would absolutely recommend them for their quality, professionalism and reasonable rates."

Janet Cremins
Amherst, MA

Testimonial Bullet Art
"When you need the service of home repair professionals, you should have three conditions met. One, the person who assesses your problem and estimates the repair cost should also be the person (or part of the crew) that does the repair. Two, the repair professional should actually do what has been promised. Three, the repair professional should have the expertise and skill to handle any unforeseen problems that may arise.
Steve and Curt satisfied all three conditions at our Springfield home, but it is not enough to simply use the word 'satisfied'. Steve and Curt showed themselves to be thoroughly honest, forthright, expert at what they do, and deeply skilled at solving hidden problems. (On this latter point: we had some real beauties.) We cannot overstate how good these guys are. You can't find any better anywhere."

Bill Mannetti, Gene Corey, and Marilyn Corey
Springfield, MA

Testimonial Bullet Art
"With all the rain this April, I got tired of sucking up the water in my basement with a shop-vac. I had noticed a new crack forming on my basement floor. I knew the water pressure was getting worse! So I broke down and decided it was time to call a sump pump system installer. I saw that Real Dry had excellent reviews so I gave them a call.

Steve had a small opening of time and drove all the way over from East Longmeadow to see my problem. He gave me his ideal solution to correct the issue. Called me back to say he’d be here the next day and that it would take two days to complete. Well, he found after starting the opening for the sump pump that what he originally suggested wouldn’t be needed and took off a very large amount off the price!!! They were quick, neat, organized, polite, and with very professional workmanship. Steve even stopped by 3 days later to see if all was well and if I was happy. Very happy indeed!!!”

John Surreira
Ludlow, MA

Testimonial Bullet Art
"I used to 'love the sound of rain'. But when I got water in my basement, the sound and sight of rain did not make me happy. Then I had Steve Wall from Real Dry Basement Waterproofing come to my home to give me an estimate for a sump pump and drainage system. Steve was on time, very professional and answered all my questions. Believe me I had a lot of questions for him!

"I hired
Real Dry Basement Waterproofing in September of 2011. His crew came to my home and installed the sump pump and drainage system. The crew was very hard working and pleasant and Steve would drop by and oversee the work. They also did a wonderful job cleaning up when the work was done.

"Every time that sump pump comes on it is 'music to my ears' and it beats the sound of a wet and dry vac! I would not hesitate to use
Real Dry Basement Waterproofing. If you have any questions about their work I would be happy to answer them.  

"My basement has been dry ever since September of 2011 and I 'love the sound of rain' again, and that sump pump too! (Actually it is very quiet.) 

"I consider myself a lucky person to have found
Real Dry."

Janice Caron
South Hadley, MA

Testimonial Bullet Art
“I spent almost 20 years vacuuming water when it rained more than 2 inches. The Real Dry team came in and dug a trench, put a hose in, covered with stones and covered with cement in less than 3 hours! It has been continuous rain and my basement is dry like never before.

“This was the most professional team of 5 guys who worked fast and in unison that I ever saw. I can't recommend them enough. Wish I did this 20 years ago.”

Manny Febo
Agawam, MA

Testimonial Bullet Art
“I was getting a lot of water in my basement whenever it rained heavily at first. Then I started having problems when it rained moderately. I used a shop vac to solve my problems until I realized that my basement flooded whenever I couldn’t get home in time. I had been doing that for three years until recently when I started looking for someone to install a sump pump. I contacted Real Dry Waterproofing and made an appointment, thinking I was going to speak with a salesman. Steve, the actual installer arrived and we talked. He asked a ton of questions while we were in the basement. As we walked the property, he noticed the drain hoses from my air conditioners were dripping alongside the foundation. He asked more questions and I could tell he was passionate about his work and what won me over was he suggested that I run the a/c drain water away from the foundation. He said that even if I didn’t hire him, to please divert the water from the foundation. He said it would eliminate some of my flooding problems.

“Wow! Who does that? Giving free advice in his line of work! I hired him and his crew and boy what a great job they did! The pump is running as I type this testimonial. I had no idea that I had so much water running under my foundation. The dehumidifier which has been running steadily into a five gallon bucket shuts off and stays off for quite a while whereas it never shut off before the installation. What a great job those guys did! And the cleanup as well. I wish I had hired them three years ago. I’m glad I did now and I highly recommend them to anyone with water problems in their basement. At least let
Steve come and speak with you.”

Wayne Norman
West Springfield, MA

Testimonial Bullet Art
“It was a great experience working with Steve Wall on waterproofing our basement. He was honest in his assessment of the problem and quickly took care of it. We would recommend him to anyone dealing with this type of situation.”

Marjorie & Vince Snyder
Northampton, MA

Testimonial Bullet Art
"Steve and the crew at Real Dry Waterproofing did a great job waterproofing our basement and family room. Before they fixed the problem, we would get 2 to 3 inches of water in our basement every time there was a big storm with heavy rain. Since the work was done, our basement has stayed very dry thru all the storms we've had in the past 3 years. It only took 2 days to do the job (a 3500 square foot basement), and the workmanship was excellent. Price was very reasonable and I am very pleased we used Real Dry Waterproofing and I would recommend them to anyone who is thinking of waterproofing their home or business."

Tom Sullivan
Sheffield, MA

Testimonial Bullet Art
“This past spring, Steve and his crew waterproofed our basement that experienced annual seasonal seepage and occasional seasonal flooding. Steve was friendly, prompt, and professional. His crew were also hard-working and polite. What struck me most was the manner in which Steve supervised the crew. It was obvious they operate on a system of mutual respect and kindness. We were so pleased with the work, that we asked Steve to return to excavate a trench for the exterior pipes (not sure what the technical term would be) from the sump pump. Two of the crew arrived on time and were very sweet to our dogs and one child who had questions for them. They dug the trench by hand, and were so efficient that they were gone before I could return with iced beverages for them. We trust and respect Steve and his crew and would definitely hire them again if the need arises.”

Beth Butin
Granby, MA

Testimonial Bullet Art
“We so much appreciate the outstanding work Steve and his staff did in ensuring there were no repeats of the flooding that most homeowners received this year due to the torrential and constant downpours. At all times they were respectful, hardworking, and neat after their completion. Steve was honest in quoting procedures, price and timing. We highly recommend Real Dry Waterproofing for anyone in need. Call Steve now!”

Suzanne Barlow
Chicopee, MA

Testimonial Bullet Art
“We spent too many years dealing on our own with basement water issues. We finally decided to get some help and reached out to Steve Wall at Real Dry Waterproofing after getting a very high recommendation from a neighbor – and reading the many online reviews from satisfied customers who had a variety of basement water situations. We called and he stopped by later that same day! Steve clearly explained in detail what he would do to end our water problem: Install a sump pump in one corner and a French drain around the perimeter of our 1500 sq. ft. basement. The drain was needed because water was seeping up through the concrete floor. We also had a small crawl space under an addition on the back of the house that needed its own small sump pump. He gave us a reasonable cost estimate and shortly after his visit, he and his team started the project. 
Steve, Chris, Simon, and Matt were all top-notch professionals, extremely competent, and very respectful. At the end of each day, Steve kept us in the loop showing what they had done and planned to do going forward. He patiently answered all our questions. His team also went above and beyond in helping with an extra request that we could not have done ourselves for which we’re truly grateful. In addition, he stayed true to the original estimate! He even called a week or so later to touch base. We no longer have any worries at all when it rains. There’s not a speck of water anywhere! If you’re looking for an honest, expert team and want to feel completely confident in getting a high-quality solution for your water problem – call Real Dry Waterproofing!! We’re so very happy we did.”

Claire Blanchard
West Springfield, MA

Testimonial Bullet Art
“I would recommend everyone to contact Real Dry for any work needed. The owner responded to me the same day I called, and came out to give me a quote that very Friday afternoon. They began work on Monday and finished Wednesday, completing a full French drain system with sump pumps to exterior drainage outside the house. They were clean and professional. I have no reservations recommending them to anyone.”

Marc Pereira
Southwick, MA

Testimonial Bullet Art
“We recently hired Steve and his crew to fix our cellar. My mother recently passed away and my husband and I decided it was time to downsize to an easy care home, so we decided to move in to my mother’s house, the house I grew up in. There were always puddles in our cellar and a musty smell.

“We called in
Steve, he explained very clearly the drainage system he would put in so we would have a dry cellar. They did an excellent job! No more puddles, no more musty smell and we have so much new-found storage space.

“I would highly recommend
Real Dry Waterproofing to anyone with water seepage problems. Steve was great at quickly responding to any questions or preparation we had beforehand. He’s a real down-to-earth guy!”

Susan Stosz
Amherst, MA

Testimonial Bullet Art
Steve and his team came by my place and professionally identified that my sump pumps had some issues, and within a day were back to do a professional replacement job in less than 1 hour. The new work is professional, solid, and the team Steve brought were all professional, took COVID seriously and wore masks when asked. I couldn’t be happier and will definitely use them again. Thanks Real Dry (Steve and the team).”

Joe Pasquini
Southwick, MA

Testimonial Bullet Art
“We called on Steve and Chris from Real Dry Waterproofing when we discovered standing water in the crawl space underneath our house. We called them in the morning and they were able to come over that afternoon. They first thought that the water was leaking into the crawl space from the outside. Real Dry went way above and beyond to help me determine where the water was coming from. They crawled around my icky crawl space looking at the foundation and discovered a pipe that had come apart! With their help a huge job became pretty simple and manageable. I appreciate all their help and willingness to help me troubleshoot my water problem. I would definitely recommend Real Dry Waterproofing – reliable, exceptional help when you need it fast!”

Lisa Moore
Amherst, MA

Testimonial Bullet Art
“After 20 years of a dry basement, we awoke to water in our basement. The water was coming into the house from behind our sump pump. I called Steve and he was there within hours to troubleshoot the problem. A few days later, he and his team came over with the intent to replace our sump pump with a larger one. However, they realized that the issue was the high water in our backyard. They quickly pivoted to installing a french drain, and a few hours later the water was quickly draining. He also replaced the pipe and pump in our sump pump. The price remained the same as the original quote even though the work was more labor intensive than originally anticipated. I appreciate the quick, honest hard work that was done at our house.”

Sue Major
Easthampton, MA

Testimonial Bullet Art
Steve saved me thousands of dollars!!!

“I just purchased my new home and after only living there for 1 week, I discovered puddles of water in my basement, which I thought was somehow coming in after it rained. After having a guy look at my basement and using some fancy tool that said I had lots of water sitting around my foundation and the moisture level was too high, I was told the best solution would be to install a french drain and a sump pump.

“I didn’t want any more water in my new home, so I agreed and put a down payment for the waterproofing job.

“After getting some advice that I really should get a second opinion, I called
Real Dry to see what they had to say. Steve came by the very next day and said it would be crazy to do all that waterproofing when I just moved in and didn’t even know where the water was coming from. He also said that he didn’t see any signs of sustained water damage. He suggested that I wait and try to figure out where the leak was so then a course of action could be proposed and he also said I should definitely get my down payment back.

“I took
Steve’s advice, cancelled my waterproofing job and got my deposit back, which I am SO grateful for because shortly after that, I discovered the water was coming from my main water line being clogged and backing up into my basement utility sink then overflowing onto the floor.

“Thank You
Real Dry for being an honest and trustworthy business! You are the best!”

Candace Lipinski
Westfield, MA

Testimonial Bullet Art
“Prompt, efficient, and considerate service – a big thank you to Steve & his team. I called when I was at my wit's end with our garage flooding every time it rained, and Steve and his excavator were at my house less than an hour and a half later to diagnose the problem and clearly explain what needed to be done. The work was completed about two weeks later. (Steve brought before and after pictures afterwards to show us exactly what went into the fix!) Will definitely be recommending Real Dry Waterproofing to friends & neighbors."

Sarah Hertel-Fernandez
Easthampton, MA

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“When my house flooded back in the fall of 2020 I was luckily referred to Steve and Real Dry Waterproofing. Steve was able to inform me that the issue was caused by hydrostatic pressure and explained all of the options in order to solve the issue. Previous to my encounter with Steve I had called several plumbers and no one could tell me where the water was coming from. Steve and his crew were quickly able to perform an intensive job of installing a French drain on the inside of the foundation as well as a sump pump system that completely fixed the issue. I can’t say enough about their professionalism and personalism throughout this frustrating time. I highly recommend Real Dry Waterproofing for any situation like mine!”

Alexander Nielsen
Captain USAF ANG 134 FS/Pilot
Holyoke, MA

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“I called Real Dry to make an appointment for a free estimate, fully expecting to leave a message, but Steve actually answered the phone. He was with someone, so he said he'd call me right back when he was through, and he did call me right back. He was at my house later that afternoon to survey the problem(s) in the basement and provide an estimate.

Steve thoroughly explained what needed to be done and, while not the lowest estimate I received, it wasn't the highest either. Based in his knowledge of the issue and tactical approach to correct it, I chose to move forward with Steve and Real Dry by Friday of that week. I expected to have to pay 50% down before I could be put on the schedule, but Steve said I could just pay when the job was completed. This is NOT typical when working with contractors, and I appreciated that stance. It saved me the worry of paying half and waiting it out when it was convenient for them.

“I didn't think I'd be put on the schedule for at least a couple weeks, but
Steve and his crew were at my house the following week. He had told me the job would take a couple days, and it took a couple days, start to finish. I was kept informed through every stage of any potential issues that may arise, and none did. Of course, based on experience with other contractors, I immediately thought this would be the reason to charge more than the estimate, but I can happily report that my final payment was slightly UNDER my estimate!

“Lastly, I had recently had shelves built in the basement which were directly above the area where
Steve had to break through the concrete, meaning the shelves needed to come down. My carpenter didn't have time available any time soon to dismantle, so Steve agreed to do this also for a nominal cost, probably slightly less than the carpenter would have charged me. Not only did they do this additional work, they also labeled the parts as they were taken down to be easily reassembled when the job was done. Steve actually texted me a few days later to ensure that I was able to get the carpenter back to put the shelves back up, and I'd be willing to bet if I hadn't, Steve would have found a way to do that also.

Steve and his crew were excellent and I'm happy to report the basement is dry!

“I would highly recommend this company.”

Donna Mullaney
Feeding Hills, MA

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“From a wet, smelly basement to a dry useable space in just one day is what I got after Real Dry’s team showed up to install a new drainage system and new sump pump. The team were polite and explained everything they had done and why. Highly recommend this company if you ever have the misfortune of water in your basement.”

Susan Yantis
Cohasset, MA

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“Outstanding! Bottom line, after 25+ years of a wet, nasty basement, my basement is now dry. Period. Ultimate stress test, tropical storm dropping at least 2 inches, basement still dry. Awesome! 
Curt and the Real Dry team did an outstanding job. Company owner, Curt, even did some of the heavy lifting on site. Very impressive and honorable. Quick, efficient, and most importantly, effective. I am completely satisfied and would highly recommend Real Dry to any and all potential customers.”

Patrick Hamilton
Braintree, MA

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“Hi there, Curt;

“I just wanted to thank you for following through on the replacement Pitboss+ system. Your guy just left and all seems to be working as intended at this time. Excellent customer service and timely response – I can’t ask for more than that. Thanks again.”

Jeff McLean
Quincy, MA

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“After this summer’s unprecedented rains, our sump pump system failed and our finished basement took on water. Most basement waterproofing companies we called told us they couldn’t handle our specific issue.

Curt from Real Dry Waterproofing came within a few days of our call, inspected the system and diagnosed the problem quickly. He also explained it in a way that we could easily understand and designed a solution that is much more robust than what had been in place before. The Real Dry Waterproofing team installed a new system with backup, quickly and professionally, and at a reasonable cost.

“We are really impressed with the expertise of this team and we would recommend them to anyone with any kind of waterproofing problem.”

Christina & Ken Gabriel
Cambridge, MA

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Real Dry Waterproofing truly is the real deal! My wife and I just purchased a new home and had to put in a new sump pump, bulkhead, stairs and storm door. Curt was extremely thorough and came to the site multiple times to provide accurate estimates and explain everything that would be completed. Curt was extremely responsive and answered any and all questions that I had.

“They sent over a proposal to outline all of the products and showing examples of what the finished product would look like.
Josh and his team arrived on time on the work days, were extremely professional, polite and always made sure to explain what was being done and ensured that the work was done to our standards. Everything looks absolutely stunning and you can tell that the folks here at Real Dry take so much pride in their work.

“I would recommend
Real Dry to anyone who wants true quality work completed at their home!”

Nick Ashley
Scituate, MA

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“Our experience with Real Dry Waterproofing was excellent. Curt and his crew were always professional and a pleasure to work with the entire time. It was impressive from the start, when Curt went out of his way on a Saturday evening to stop by and check out our situation, which was a totally flooded basement!

“Even with a few winter weather events thrown in, the job was done on time and with great care. We’ve been completely satisfied with the French drain system and have not had a single issue since it was installed … and we have had plenty of rain and snow to give it a good test. 

“I would not hesitate to recommend
Real Dry Waterproofing to anyone. In fact, I have recommended you guys to several folks already!”

Dave Husson
Buzzards Bay, MA

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“One of our sump pumps stopped working, probably a while ago and unnoticed. Fortunately no emergency albeit heavy rain fall. I called Curt and Real Dry Waterproofing. A few days later Phil came on site and did a very nice job. He was polite, competent and fast. Replaced the old pump in less than 30 min.

“I was very satisfied with the service and recommend
Real Dry Waterproofing.”

John Matthias
Arlington, MA

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“With all the recent rain and water issues, Curt still came out the next day, and scheduled his crew to do a sump pump install within 3 days. He even came back to answer a few more questions I had. Water causes a lot of stress for homeowners and Curt and his crew certainly helped with that.”

Kim Pengelly
Scituate, MA

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"Janet and I would just like to say again ‘Thank You’ to you and your crew for the work you've done and services provided. The level of professionalism and the quality of your work has been outstanding. Rest assured that we will call again should the need arise. 

“We will certainly recommend you to any who have a need for your work."

John & Janet Guptill
Peabody, MA

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“Thanks Curt. Your team did a super job. I’m very impressed and will give positive feedback on Angie’s List. Thank you very much.”

Kathleen Connolly
Arlington, MA

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“I hired Real Dry in September after firing a Harwich-based contractor to handle remediation resulting from flooding on / in the basement of my childhood home in Provincetown, MA. The Harwich-based contractor did not have the skillset to complete this job.

Curt delivered a quick response in the work review and the quoting process, and organized his team to perform a 3-to-4 day effort to install an internal perimeter drainage channel system, a sump pump, an exterior dry well and an external door channel, as well as complete floor-to-ceiling wall protection.

Curt and his team of 3 showed up on-time, stayed in town to offset travel issues and started work promptly each day at 8am. This NEVER happens with MOST contractors on Cape Cod. The work took a bit less than 3 days, so there was never an inkling that his team was "milking the job".

Curt came up with an extremely creative approach to the dry well installation that extended distance a bit, but prevented significant demolition of a patio and attached slate / brick walkway. They finished the job in an extremely efficient manner and their clean up afterwards was very thorough. This is a no-nonsense organization, a very good thing.

“I am very pleased with
Real Dry, the leakage / flooding remediation has been very successful (seen in several subsequent rainstorms), and I can now rest easy that my childhood house is sufficiently protected from the elements (I live in the Philadelphia area).

“I’d highly recommend
Real Dry for any related basement contracting work, and stand ready to further elaborate if need be.”

Jeff Irmer
Provincetown, MA

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“Thanks Curt! The guys did a great job. I made sure to give a good Google review. Let me know if there’s anyplace else I can give you a review. Thanks again.”

Patrick Callis
Scituate, MA

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“Outstanding! Curt – please know that the work you guys did was fantastic. Thank you!” 

Christopher & Tatiana McCluskie
Mansfield, MA

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"Curt and his team did a great job rebuilding parts of our cottage foundation and installing new French drains to keep the water out. His crew was hardworking, polite, and very neat! (We let them stay in the cottage as it was on an island.) They were very thorough in their work and Curt was a terrific communicator with us about what they were working on each day. He sent us pictures (as we were not there most of the time) of their progress at the end of each day. They were a pleasure to work with and we highly recommend them!"

B.K. Boley
Boston, MA

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“The drain’s been great. My basement hasn’t had any seepage since the work was done.”

Michael Leung
Braintree, MA

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“We had our cellar flooded last April. We called Curt from Real Dry as he had done work in our basement in Abington a few years ago, and we were pleased with his work. We had a significant amount of water in our cellar from the large amount of rain and no sump pump. Curt installed a drain system along the foundation walls inside. He also installed an underground system with pump discharge and downspout connections. His work was excellent. The team always arrived on time and were very courteous and professional. We highly recommend Curt and Real Dry to anyone who is dealing with water in their basement.”

Mark Sullivan
Scituate, MA

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“I have nothing but good things to say about Curt Guenther and Real Dry. This was a complicated project that was well-executed for a reasonable fee. I got a few quotes on the project before proceeding and had all kinds of conflicting advice and a lot of concern from the competing contractors on the difficulty and complexity of the work.

“Bear in mind that our crawlspace has four separate interior areas and while the height is reasonable at 3-4 feet, to get between the areas you need to crawl on hands and knees. Getting around, excavating, clearing debris is difficult. The floor is sand and rock, which is hard to level. Anyway, here are the elements of the project:
  • Remove all old fiberglass insulation between the floor joists that are the ‘roof’ of the crawl space, remove all other debris, and rake the floor level.  Note that a lot of large rocks had to be removed which was difficult and back-breaking work.
  • Repair a crack in one of the foundation walls
  • Pour a new reinforced footing under a different wall
  • Seal a square opening in the foundation where a drain pipe passes through the wall below grade
  • Replace several lally columns and install two new lally columns with new footings
  • Seal all the crawlspace vents
  • Install a vapor barrier over the floor and up the walls to just under the sill 
  • Install a commercial dehumidifier
  • Frame and build a new crawlspace entry door to be exceptionally strong and watertight
“None of the other contractors were willing to do everything, so I would have had to break the job into multiple tasks, coordinating between multiple contractors, at greater expense. Curt signed on for the entire project. The work was all completed within a week by a large, competent, hard-working crew. They left no mess on the property. The interior of the crawlspace is now clean and, as promised, dry. All the foundation work is solid and professional. No concerns there at all.

“I installed a remote-sensing hygrometer to keep track of the humidifier. The hygrometer now reads consistently between 50 and 55% humidity, which is perfect for preserving the integrity of the wood structure. I can feel the dryness of the crawl space whenever I go in it.

“This was one of those big, scary projects that’s been on my to-do list for a long time and it's a tremendous relief to have it done, and done so well. As an added and unexpected benefit, our house doesn’t have mice anymore. They used to get in through the crawl space and now they can’t. 

“I highly recommend
Curt and his team for any project involving basements, crawl spaces, or foundations.”

Dave Pomerantz
Marshfield, MA

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“Our building is a four story 105-year-old red brick with two to three feet of the basement below grade. Moisture had gradually pulverized much of the mortar and damaged bricks in this area. If left to continue, the building’s structural integrity would be compromised. In addition, a large section of our concrete floor was wet year-round.

Curt Guenther of Real Dry reviewed the situation very carefully on his first visit and proposed a simple but effective resolution. When I had questions, he returned to walk me through the proposal.

Real Dry’s crew executed the plan within three days. Not because it was easy, but because they worked hard and varied the size of the crew according to each day’s planned work. They were professional, easy to work with, and answered questions willingly when I would arrive to review the process. When we had what turned out to be a minor problem, the crew manager was there in 30 minutes on a Friday afternoon to review my concern and arrived Monday morning to rectify the situation.”

Kathleen Munday
Brookline, MA

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"Curt was professional, timely and great to work with on my job. He took the time to explain every detail of the process and was true to his estimate. They worked outside my house and you wouldn't have known they even did anything as they put the mulch back exactly the way it was before the job. OUTSTANDING, you can't go wrong with Curt and his team!"

Deb Jeram
Plainville, MA

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Curt, thank you for the work you did at our home. It is such a relief to hear a forecast of rain and not fly into a panic. Even better not to have to get up in the middle of the night to check the basement, vac up water or leave work early because of rain. We thank you for coming out before we went on vacation. I was lining up friends and family to check our basement wondering which one would be the best at using a shop vac. We are so pleased and extend our thanks to you and the technicians who came out. All the best!”

June & Jim Kelly
Norwood, MA

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“Hi Curt . . . Pedro and his crew just left. I wanted you to be aware that they were terrific! Pedro took the time to go over what they would be doing today. He had me check their progress multiple times. The completed work looks awesome!

“Most importantly, please know that your guys were so kind, respectful, and skilled. They were incredibly neat too. Doesn't even look like anyone was here. I am so glad that I discovered your company."

Ann O’Neill
Saugus, MA

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Curt … the work you guys did for us in Roslindale … your guys did a great job and were very professional. Thanks again!”

Damien Slater
Roslindale, MA

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"It was late December when one of my two existing sump pumps failed and I was left with a very wet basement. In addition, the pump that was working was poorly installed and I had water in other areas in the basement from seepage issues. I called several 'dry' basement companies, but I decided to go with Curt and Real Dry because he took the time to understand what I wanted and he explained in simple terms the work he would do to get us dry. This included the installation of two professional grade sump pumps with full battery back up and curtain drains installed in my basement to prevent the seepage issues. 

"My basement has been very dry since
Curt and his team started and finished the project. They also did a great job of cleaning up and staying on schedule. I'm very happy that I made the decision to go with Real Dry and I would highly recommend working with them if you have basement issues."

Jason Driggers
Arlington, MA

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Curt, it was a pleasure working with you and your crew. Everyone was very professional and did a great job! If you need references in the future, I’d be happy to give you a very high recommendation.”

Lisa Lauterbach
Franklin, MA

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“We had water leaking into our basement from where the septic pipe exits the foundation. This was one of several firms I had in to look at the problem. Curt, the owner of Real Dry, offered a solution that seemed to make sense and he gave me a quote that was reasonable given the amount of work that was required. I was most confident in the recommendation here relative to what the other contractors were suggesting. Despite an unexpected problem with the septic pipe being cracked outside the house, the firm rose to the occasion and completed the repairs with exceptional service. I am very glad I found this firm and highly recommend them to anyone with basement issues.”

Michael Daudelin
Hanover, MA

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Curt and his team were professional from start to finish. They showed up on time, worked extremely hard and when the job was done they cleaned up the site as if they had never been there. If you are planning to waterproof your basement, I highly recommend Curt Guenther and his team at Real Dry Waterproofing.”

Chris Addesa
Milton, MA

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“About three years ago I started searching for a reputable waterproofing contractor. My home was built partly on rock and about 20% of the basement is ledge. We previously had the ledge capped with cement which I hoped would cure the leaking all along the front where the basement wall meets the ledge. It helped some but we still had leaks every time we had heavy rain. We also had a sump pump left by the previous owner that wasn't installed very well.
“After checking several references provided by
Curt Guenther, owner of Real Dry Waterproofing, I decided to hire his firm to correct my problems. I found Curt was very professional in his approach both in diagnosing and working on the problem and very honest in advising what should be done. He did not try to "sell" me any expensive solutions that wouldn't work. The work was done very well, on time and for the price proposed. I also found Curt to be very responsive to any requests for additional help when I found I needed to add additional treatment to several "stubborn" leaks that took a while to get under control. 

“Overall I can say I am very satisfied with the work done and can recommend
Real Dry Waterproofing for any basement waterproofing issue.”

Edward Ford
Hingham, MA

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“The team at Real Dry Waterproofing was outstanding. They analyzed our water problem, developed a complete solution, and implemented it. The team was professional, efficient, and clean. The quoted price was the price, the quality of the work exceeded our expectations. Good people, total pros! A pleasure to work with a well-run business.”

Jim French
Norwell, MA

Testimonial Bullet Art
Real Dry came to our newly purchased home and repaired a major flooding problem that was disguised during our home inspection. Having to cope with this issue was an absolute nightmare. Curt Guenther came to our home and investigated the situation. He assured my husband and I that the issue could be fixed in a timely and efficient manner.

“We were struggling to make ends meet as we had already spent thousands on useless, unsuccessful repairs. The previous company failed us but
Real Dry was able to salvage our basement at last. They also assured our family that they could honor a payment plan of 24 months. We were beyond grateful for this opportunity!!!

“Now it's been almost two years, our cellar is still dry!! Thank you for everything you did for us!!! It's also so comforting to know that there is a lifetime warranty on the work done to the cellar. Countless blessings!”

Elizabeth & Tim Jubinville
Spencer, MA

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“I just wanted to send a note and let you know how happy we still are, 4 years later, with the work you and your crew did in our basement. Somebody on the neighborhood listserv has asked for advice on basement waterproofing and we are giving you an enthusiastic recommendation, and it reminded me that I wanted to send my thanks along to you directly, too. We get so much more use out of the basement now than we used to! And we have gotten multiple compliments from plumbers and furnace techs on how nice it looks down there.”

Matthew T. Fox
Cambridge, MA

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“This e-mail is about a year and a half overdue, but I just wanted to give your company a huge thumbs up. I really, really appreciate the honesty and advice that was given to me in the summer of 2020 when Curt came to give me an estimate. He looked at my setup (I just had a 5 gallon bucket and a sump pump) and told me that if it was his house, he would start with pulling out the 5 gallon bucket and dig out there and the other spot I had water puddling up and put in two (2) 22" sump basins and pumps and see if that fixed the issue. And if it didn't, please reach out and let you know and we'll figure out the rest from there. 

“The flooding I was experiencing wasn't normally an issue until the winter so now that we've dealt with two winters of frozen grounds and lots of rain over that time, my basement remains as dry as it's ever been which is remarkable. I had hoped for this result for 7 years and I finally have it!  So, I wanted to reach out and thank you for the honesty and advice given, as when you gave it you were passing up a job. I have passed your name on to a few other friends over the past year and will keep doing so in the future. Thank you so much for the help.”

Ed Kelley
Scituate, MA

Testimonial Bullet Art
Curt and his crew did a fantastic job waterproofing our house. They finished a large job in less than 3 days and he and his crew were friendly, professional, and kindly answered all of our questions. We highly recommend Real Dry Waterproofing."

Blake Thomas
Hingham, MA

Testimonial Bullet Art
“Thanks again for the work and especially putting us high on the priority list given our active water intrusion at the time. Jeanine also wanted me to give a shout out to Deshawn. She said he came for the battery backup re-work, got right down to fixing it and we haven’t had any alarms since. Happy holidays to you and your crew!”

Roger Robitaille
Norwell, MA

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“I’m down here this weekend and the work looks great. I can feel a real difference in how solid the floor feels as I walk through the kitchen.

“You guys are great. Thanks so much for your help and for making the process so easy.”

Jonathan Green
Falmouth, MA

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“We've had sporadic issues with water coming up from under the basement slab and wanted to get the problem solved for good. 

“After a particularly bad storm, we reached out to
Curt and—about an hour later—he came by to check out our basement. He explained what it would take to fix the problem, and put together a quote for us on the spot, which bested others we received from different companies for the same work.

Curt and his team came out a few weeks later to do the job (interior french drain, new sump pump) and the experience was great. Curt explained all the work he was doing and was a generally good dude to work with and talk to. After a few days we had a brand new system and our basement has been dry as a bone despite repeated nor'easters dumping multiple inches of rain.

“Would highly recommend
Curt and the team, especially for other folks in Scituate as it's been great to support other folks in town.”

Marc Choquette
Scituate, MA

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“I recently had the pleasure of working with Curt Guenther and the crew from Real Dry. I had standing water problems in my yard. Curt made a site visit to inspect the problem and come up with a plan. I received an email from Curt within 48 hrs listing his suggestions for resolving my yard problems along with a price list. I agreed with his plan and price was reasonable. A date was scheduled to do the work. Curt and his crew were here on time and the job was completed in one day. I had a few follow up questions after the work was completed. Curt responded to my questions within 24 hrs. 

“I was very pleased with the whole experience and would recommend 
Real Dry to anyone.”

Bob Hurley
Burlington, MA

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